STEAM Selma: Making Learning Irresistable(Central Office)

1.    STEAM in Motion Mobile Greenhouse and Sustainability Garden - ($20,000). In a partnership with the University of Alabama College of Engineering and Selma High School, students are re-purposing a school bus into a mobile greenhouse! Produce is also grown in the Hudson Sustainability Garden and transplanted to the mobile greenhouse.  The greenhouse will move throughout the school system and community to increase awareness of developing healthy eating habits.  This addresses a great community need of childhood obesity and other diet-related health issues.  Scholars will learn to select, grow, and harvest produce.  They will be able to identify and grow healthy vegetables.
       a.    Virtual welding equipment - ($7,500) Scholars will learn, and practice welding skills needed for constructing components of the mobile greenhouse.)
       b.    Materials - solar panels, drip irrigation, digital weather station, monitors
2.    STEAM/STEM Academies of Academic Excellence - ($20,000) Funds to develop STEAM/STEM activities including computer hardware and software, drones, robotics, STEM Science equipment, and arts.
3.    STEAM Fridays at R.B. Hudson STEAM Academy - ($5,000) funds to promote STEAM Fridays including sustainability gardening, visual and performing arts, mentoring program for social and emotional learning, computer science, computer programming.
4.    STEAM in the Black Belt Annual Conference - ($10,000) Annual Conference of educational leaders to support STEM/STEM education throughout the Black Belt (Wilcox, Lowndes, Perry, Dallas, Green counties). The conference includes trainings, workshops, hands-on activities for participants, and demonstrations by district scholars.  Robotics, drones, science, arts, and engineering activities were presented by scholars from all schools in the district.  Participants designed, created, tested, and shared engineering projects created using the Engineering Design Process and were provided with design kits to take home.
5.    Computer Science: ($110,000) Add more middle School and High School computer science courses, focusing on the progression from object-based to language-based (Python, JAVA) programming that will lead to being CTE completers and to careers in technology. Pathways: Information Technology, Network Systems, Computer Services, Network systems specializing in Cyber Security.
       a.  CISCO and A Plus certification courses -($70,000) ALSDE required hardware and teacher CISCO and A Plus certification
       b.  9-12 - ($20,000 - 2 classes with 20 scholars per class) - Cyber Security Computer Science Essentials
       c.  6-8 - ($20,210 - 2 classes with 20 scholars per class) Gateway App Creator, Automation and Robotics
6. STEAM Team - ($50,000) Resources to meet Cognia STEM certification and to provide support and resources for all schools.  Funds will support software  licenses, computer hardware, maker-space materials, science lab equipment.
7.    R. B. Hudson STEAM Academy Digital Broadcast Studio ($100,000) - Updating studio and studio equipment for student use. Updates include:
      a.    switching from analog to digital workstations
      b.    Music Recording Equipment
      c.    21.5 inch iMac computer
      d.    IPad Pros
      e.   Seating
      f.    Wall-mounted shelving
      g.   Alternate additions to be considered
8.    STEAM Selma Summer Camp - ($5000) - Funds for STEAM/STEM equipment for scholars and instructors
9.    App Challenge ($5000 for software licenses to create apps)

10.    Robotics Teams ($50,000) for hardware and software for grades K-12 including virtual robotics)
11.    Recording studio - ($200,000)
12.    Dance studio - ($200,000) New floors, mirrors, curriculum, 
13.    Keyboard lab - ($75,000)
14.    Band and Choir Rooms ($225,000): Updates with practice and storage space 
15.    PLTW - $300,000
16.    Reconstruct/Restore the Historical R.B. Hudson Auditorium -$1.2 million
17.    Adjunct instructors - $100,000/per year

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